Olivia and Chloe Birthday Week


Thursday June 20, 2019 Olivia and Chloe performed with their group at the Pacific Ballet Conservatory!! A beautiful and wonderful performance. Grandparents Ron and Marlene along with Mom Kim and Dad Tom and brother Justin had fun for sure!! Olivia and Chloe are joined by friend Alexi Hounsley on the right!! That was only the start of the fun for Grandmother Marlene, the next day she got to give her Birthday present to the girls and take them shopping, for the afternoon!! Saturday Day Trip Click Here
Saturday evening the Family all went to Church and a stopped on the way home for dinner and a great time of fellowship together. Then it was home to let grandparents Ron and Marlene celebrate the girls Birthday. To start Olivia and Chloe had presents from Grandparents Ken and Bonnie Triepke to open!! They are holding a bag of granola?
The Envelope!!
The Money and Bracelets!!
What a treat, pie and cake both! Mom Kim put in a lot of work for the occasion!!
Justin and Dad Tom picked the berries for the pie so Justin was chosen to light those candles!!
It was Olivia's turn to light the Cake!!
The candles are light, and ready to be blown out. After we sang Happy Birthday Olivia started to blow, but the trick candles from Grandmother Marlene would not go out!!!!!!!!!
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Ah, at last Chloe gets her picture by the cake!!