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My Sicily Trip 2007

"Villa Tasca" Page Two

This is another shot of the reflective pond.
Here I am taking pictures of the 2 famous swans, could be related to the ones in my mural from early 1900's. The Manager that took us around the garden said they love to have their pictures taken, he was right.
This is a close-up of the front facade, Neo-classic, of the Villa. The inside is beautiful, you can have an inside virtual tour thru the internet on some sites.
This was my surprise while in the gardens (giardini), there are 3 gazebos and under each is a grotto. We only went into one of the grottos, and it had 2 rooms.Above is me and the Manager going to the entrance of grotto.The other 2 pictures are in the grotto.He said that they think the grottos were used for the residents to keep cool hundreds of years ago. It also could of been for underground water to come thru, because the garden has a bridge and small ravine for water. Also the painting done in 1907 shows a waterfall coming out from under the grotto. Who knows ??
Here were are inspecting the structure of the largest gazebo, my favorite.The Manager didn't let us out of his sight, don't know what he was afraid of.
This is an old glass house in the gardens that was used for special small parties.There were some old tables and chairs inside.
Well, it is arrivederci to this grand site of our ancestor's hard work.We could of stayed all day but the manager had an eye on his watch and was anxious to usher us out.
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