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My Trip to Sicily 2007


Thanks to my Palermotana Amici, Maurizio Pavone who lives in San Diego, we were invited to his brother Fabio's house in the Palermo suberb of Misilmeri. Above is Fabio's wife Marisa,Fabio,me, and Marisa's sister, Pina.
This is a view of Misilmeri from Fabio's home. It looks alot like Ramona except they have an ancient Castle built in the 1100's by the Normans.The valley is mostly farms and vineyards.
This is one of the very picturesque and ancient sites we passed on our walk thru Misilmeri. It almost looks like a painting.
And here is the Cannoli !!!! I can still taste it!!There is nothing better than Sicilian Cannoli, can't duplicate it here.
This was the 4th or 5th course, BBQ fresh fish with lemon and basil. There was also BBQ lamb, hand-made salsiccia (sausage),antipasto,pasta dish, ensalata, vino rosa & bianco, pane, fresh strawberries, and Cannoli.
Fabio and his family treated us to a delicious (delizioso),5 course Sicilian Feast.Molto mangiata !! Above:friend Francesco & wife Tiziana, Pina, Marisa, Fabio and son Giovanni - Sophia at table.
Here I am in the Palermo headquarters of "Palatial Pleasure", the Cannoli factory, with Padre Guiseppe Bruno and friend Marichario. Amici Maurizio also arranged for us to have a guidatta (tour) with his Palermo Padre friend.
The main street in Misilmeri. Beautiful blossoms starting on the trees. A very quiet, clean and scenic town. This is Maurizio's home-town and all his family lives here.
Here I am walking thru the Mercato di Capo with Padre Bruno. Yes, that is the Padre with leather jacket, jeans, sunglasses and cell phone. He even had American Praise music playing in his car. A very "hip" Priest !!
Another pretty sight in the Mercato, while on tour with Padre Bruno, seeds and grains on display.
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