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My Sicily Trip 2007

Palermo "Villa Tasca"

Page Four

At last after 4 years of waiting and 3 tries, FINALLY, IO ENTRATA !! I gained entrance to the Villa Tasca Gardens. I was determined that I would not get turned down again, so after taking 2 buses, 2 times, and many calls from America and also in Palermo, cousin Diana and I had these GATES OPEN for us. This is where our great-grandmother, Rosalia Anello Marchese, her brother and nephew worked in the gardens from about 1870 thru the early 1900's. Rosalia's grandaughter, Nancy Anello, told me to be sure and see the gardens. It is now definately private, and no visitors allowed,unless you rent the Villa for $30,000 a week !! They told us they made an exception for us (because I was so desperate.)
The Gardens are very famous. Opera composer Richard Wagner, stayed here to complete his last Opera, Parsifel. The gardens here were an influence in the opera's story. This is the beautiful pond.
This is one of the statues at the entrance to the Villa.It has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Has been the scene of many of Palermo's most important social events.
Villa Tasca was built for Count Tasca Di Almarita in the 1500's. It still belongs to that family, they also own the largest winery in the area, Regaleali. One of the grandchildren, Anna Tasca Lanza is a famous cook book writer.
Here you can see the beautiful setting of the Gazebo in the gardens.
Do I look happy or what ?? A dream come true, I finally arrived at my Meca. I am actually standing in the Greek Gazebo that I had seen in pictures of the gardens.
This is a really well built Gazebo.Even the roof was of a stone or marble. I had a mural painted at our house of part of these gardens, including this Gazebo.
A painting of the Villa Gardens in1907 by American artist Rufus Dryer, shows 2 swans in the pond, and that is what we found. They were very friendly, liked their picture taken.
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