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My Sicily Trip 2007

By Marlene Marchese

In April 2007, I returned to Sicily, this time cousin Diana Marchese Anderson was with me. We had a 12 day trip which started in the ancient city of Palermo, the capital .It was first colonized by the Phoenicians about 800 BC.We stayed in a B&B for 4 days in the heart of the city near the train and bus stationes.
Cousin Diana and me in front of the Palermo Cathedral - built by Norman King Roger 11 in 1100's. Plain inside but has the tombs of the popular Kings, Roger 11 and Frederick 11.
Lovely exterior of the Cathedral-tufa mosaic by Byzantine.
We took Alitalia from New York to Palermo, a great airline. They had real cooked meals, free wine and movies and made people put their seats up when needed ! Down side is somewhere our luggage was lost - for 2 1/2 days.
Main alter in the Chiesa San Guiseppe.
A copper sculpted alter piece in the Chiesa San Guiseppe (Church of Joseph.) In Palermo.
Opera de Puppe (puppet show.) Palermo famous for their Marionettes. The Maestro and his sons did the Marionettes, beautiful made and very professionally performed. The mother had done all the art work.
This is typical Italy !!! retired men congregate everyday and either talk or play cards. It is so great to see this part of community. This is at Piazza Independanza in Palermo
University students next to our flat at the B&B in Palermo. Felipo cooked pasta Carbonara con zuchini, mangiamo!, Diana and I enjoyed.
At the Mercato de Capo (outdoor market) everything so bello. Here is stingray, squid & shark !! Oh to have a cocina (kitchen.)
This Palermotana musician and tailor was playing beautiful Italian melodys on his mandolini. We talked with him, has a son in America.
IN every frutta stand or mercato the apples were in MARLENE boxes. And mela is my favorite frutta.
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