Pasteum  This well kept secret south of Salerno has the best preserved Greek Temples in the world ! Built in 600 BC by the Greeks & called Poseidonia,  seized by the Romans in 3rd century BC and called Pasteum, then fell to the Malaria carrying mosquito and left empty for 1000 years. 3 temples,  Neptune, Hera and Ceres.
Marlene at the entrance to the Amphitheatre. On the right is a view of other remains!
This shows how large these Temple’s were and there are no Stone Quarries nearby!!
This was the entrance to the Park!
We stayed at Rick Steve’s pick for Paestum, Albergo del Rosa, run by Luigi. Right across the street from the Temples, Luigi has his own gelateria, pizzeria, restaurant and has 10 “cameras” rooms. He even took us to the train in the morning in his little car behind the bushes.Here we are waiting on one of those “late” Italian “chenas”, dinners. We even got to do our evening “passagiata” walk down the street.
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