Pompeii’s most famous person, “The Sleeping Man”. Actually it is a” plaster of paris” type mold made from the void where his body was in the ashes!! Mt. Vesuvius erupted on August 24,79 A.D. burying Pompeii in ash &  rock’s. It was rediscovered in the 16th Century! Another thing that was interesting is that they let stray dogs wonder about, living off the scraps of tourist?
West “Marina” entrance from the sea!! Also the main entrance for tourist like us!!
This “Great Theatre” was built originally in 200 B.C. Plays of Plautus and Terentius were played there, also Gladiators since this was the forerunner  of the Coliseum in Rome!
This was an interesting picture [other than Marlene] the rocks used for paving the street was like the one’s that paved the road in Rome between Forum & Coliseum.
That is me standing in front, my outfit blends in with the building!! Bascilica - 150 B.C. Justice Building!

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