Just have to share the story about us pulling our suitcases. Our usual thing when we arrive is to catch a taxi to our hotel, that way we donít get lost etc. On our trip to Pasteum, we were riding along on a bus in a farming area, when the bus stopped and the driver announced Pasteum? We got off the bus, and there is nothing there? No Taxiís! We could see a Greek Temple across the field, so Marlene grabbed her suitcase and started pulling it down the road. As I meekly followed after her, I sure was glad to see our motel about 3/4 mile later!

And getting back to Rome from Palermo, we had a taxi take us to the Port and drop us off to catch a hydrofoil to Naples& train to Rome = 7 hrs. Well we went in to get our tickets, and the boat was broken and would not be available till the next day! So we grabbed our suitcases and took offup the street looking for a bus stop? Abt. 25 minutes later we found a bus stop but we didnít have a ticket! Well here came a bus and we got on anyhow! A man Marlene had talked to told the bus driver our plight and he sold us a ticket! So eleven hrs. later we arrive in Rome by train!

The Hotel we had reserved would not be ready till Sunday noon. So we stayed that night, {Sat.} in Hotel Gerber, which was abt. 2 blks. away, so when we checked out, we grabbed our suitcases and WALKED there!

Hotel Valdese, owned by Valdensian Church, 1st Protestant Church in Italy! Now operated by Presbyterian & Methodist, to support their Missionarywork.
Piazza Popolo above. we got up Sunday and walked through Piazza Popolo, up a large set of steps to Borghese Park.
This is a picture of Capitol building in the distance.
Italian sculptor Bernini and Marlene.As I was taking this picture a gentleman walked by & said, ďNice CoupleĒ.

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This a very large and beautiful Park similar to Balboa Park, in San Diego. Above a Pond and fountain!