My 75th Birthday

Precious Memories

Marlene and I started celebrating my Birthday on Friday March 2nd. We went to a resturant on the Harbor Island named C Level. We had a wonderful lunch and a nice walk along San Diego Bay!! I received many beautiful Birthday cards from Family and friends!!

On my Birthday, Tuesday March 6th, I got to play golf for free at Mt. Woodson with my buddies, Larry Como, Tracy Sales and son-in-law David Indseth. That evening Marlene and I went to the Sizzler for dinner!! Yum, Yum!!

On Wedneday March 7th, I met my son Ritchie at our favorite Fuddruckers for lunch and in addition to buying lunch he gave me a gift certificate for Home Depot!!

On Friday March 9th, I had lunch with my daughter Cindy at Applebees and she insisted on paying for lunch and also gave me a gift certificate to Armstrongs Nursery!!

Since My Birthday was early in the week, my son Tom and his Family came down on Saturday, March 10th so they could celebrate the big event with me!! Below are pictures of that occasion!!

My wife Marlene had cooked a special cake with orange zest! It had special decorating by my grandchildren. Since the girls are twins it is hard to tell Chloe from Olivia in the pictures!!

In the picture above and on the left, Grandson Justin is having his turn of decorating my cake. In the middle is the finished product!! Beautiful, very good and very tasty!! On the right I am blowing out the candles, my wife and kids were kind and only gave me two candles to blow out!!

And on Sunday March the 11th I was invited after Church to daughter Valeries home for lunch and desert!! From there we went to her sister Natalie home for coffee and dessert!! What a wonderful week, celebrating the BIG BIRTHDAY!! THANKS to ALL of YOU, for SHARING your LOVE and TIME with me!!

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