Ron's Surprise Birthday Party

# 79

March 4, 2014

Well, all I was told by my wife Marlene was that Tom and Kim were takiung me to some place special and I had to come, this weekend, even though I had other plans in place!! Since it was a Birthday present, how could I refuse? Anyhow we were told after we arrived at son Tom's home in Orange County and had lunch, we had 15 minutes to get ready to leave for a 2 hour drive north? So I am in the back seat watching the road signs trying to guess where they were taking me? Finally we arrive and the entry sign above gave me my 1st clue!!
Yes my suprise was to the filming of a Wheel of Fortune Show!! This is the only show I watch regularly with my wife and try to get the grand children to sit and try to guess the letters etc. when we are together!! We arrived a little early and were told to wait in and assigned area in the bottom of the parking garage. In the left picture are, Olivia, Marlene, Chloe and son Tom. And above in the middle picture is daughter in law Kim, and myself. it was also a suprise for me to find out Kim was the mastermind of the surprise!! On the right is son Tom who was the driver who safely drove us there and back home!! A Special Thank You to both Tom and Kim!!
Above Justin and I at the check in point. Olivia, Justin and Chloe in the center picture If you notice the white patchs on their pants leg, those we had to stand in line for? Audience Patches!! Sign above say's it all.
Yes folks we are there and have pictures of the promotional signs to prove it!!
Please Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Wheel of Fortune Sign on the Left for Pictures inside the Studio!!