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Vatican City

St. Peters Cathedral

St. Peters Square!!
Every 50 years is the Jewish Jubilee year. The Catholics open this door every 50 years, if you enter through this door you will be saved? Everyone went through this door!!
La Pietra by Michelangelo at age 24!!
A Swedish guard, in his uniform!
While we were on tour, Pope John Paul was conducting a funeral Mass for one of the Cardinals that had passed away. I got a tall man standing next to me to take this picture!!
Marlene resting against one of the columns after the tour!!
One of the many works of art in the building!!
Marlene and I went walking from the Hotel early one evening and saw this old fort! It was used to hide the Popes . There is supposed to be a tunnel to the Vatican? It is known as Haderin's Castle. Our photo was not very good, so I downloaded this one from the Internet.
We also went to the Vatican Musuem. Left is the art work on the ceiling as you walk down the hallway. On the right is a picture of the early maps painted on the walls. I don't think we were allowed to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel?
Yea!! No more trains, we are going to take a bus north, all the way to England!! This is our tour guide on the right, after showing us the Titus Arch in the distance. It was built by the slaves brought from Israel!
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