The Ustica Grotto Tour

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Ustica has about 5 grottos so we took a pontoon boat tour with Peppe Caminita, probably another cousin? Tom got to have his picture taken as the Captain. The Grottos were beautiful !! Each one is named for the color it transmits. This was probably the Blue Grotto, Grotto Azzurra. The iridescence of the water is spectacular..
We also toured the Grotta dei Gamberi, Grotta Verde and Grotta delle Barche. One grotto had visible flecks of gold in the rock. The cliff above right, looked like God had taken his fingers and scored the side of it. All these beautiful formations are the result of pre-historic volcanic activity and now part of the Marine Protected Area.
The tour was beautiful, as you can see, and was a great way to spend about 3 hours. This last picture of Tom and Marlene is our wet ending at the Port. We had the opportunity to take a little swim from the boat to one of the beaches. The water is so clear, clean and blue.

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