Vienna, Austria
This is the Hotel Rosearuim, where we stayed just out side of Vienna at Baden!
That night we had signed up for a concert at Hapsburgs summer Palace? It was music by Mozart and Strauss.
We were curious about what it looked like in daytime? Here are a few pictures of the back yard?
Of course we couldn't take photos during the concert, this is a picture of the gold plated chandelier!! Electricity by Eddison!
I believe the building in the distance had something to do with their horse's ? Marlene inviting me along!!
How is this, for your backyard?
Marlene, by their beautiful fountains!
This is the bakery Lacher that created the Chocolate Cake!! It now is also a cafe.
This is the Capitol section of Vienna, in front of the History Museum!

A statue of Johann Strauss in the park named for him. It was on our way out of town, overlooking the Danube River!!


Above is St. Stephen's Cathedral, with it's beautiful roof!! On the right is a side view with a street scene!!
Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Flag for Oberammergua, Germany!