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San Vincenzo
On the left I am unloading the car at airport in San Diego! On the right is an ecstatic Marlene, with our arrival at airport in Rome!!
We went straight to the train station in Rome and luckley caught the right train north to San Vincenzo. The attendant kept asking Marlene, if she was sure we were going to San Vincenzo? Everything went fine and we shared a taxi ride to the resort with another couple from Tenn. However our plans for what to do there was shot down, everything pretty much stops on the 1st of Sept. One of the day trips, we had planned was to visit the Isle of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled.. The ferry had stopped running on Sept. 1st. So it became evident that we needed a rental car? None was to be had, so after a couple of days at the Resort we decided to catch a train north to the Cique Terre region, part of the Italian Riviera. Below are a few photos we took on the beach at dusk, and one on our way back to the resort!!
Click on Pictures for Enlargement or Click on Flag for Cinque Terre Pictures!!
We had planned our trip to use the trains! Like all travel trips we had a few surprises. In the morning I lost my credit card to the A.T.M. So I had to wait for the bank to open later and ask for my card back? The bank was not to happy about it, but they did open it up and give me my card ! The bank had a revolving entry door, that would discourage bank robbers!!